MAÎTRE GUSTILLE ORGANIC SAUCE FROM CAP SOLUTIONS CULINAIRES ORGANIC FOOD, your creativity and our expertise combine to bring about a sauce that reflects your image and values   Are you in search of healthy, environmentally responsible cuisine? Do you want to use organic products? And do you want dishes that are full of flavour? Then don’t forget the sauce! Discover the organic sauces in the Maître Gustille range or work together with the team from CAP Solutions Culinaires to create your own recipe. A top-quality organic sauce to give your dishes the perfect finish and satisfy your desire for natural... Lire la suite >


Cap Solutions Culinaires continues it’s development with a new range of IQF Rosette butter : Sweet herbs seasoning Truffle butter Espelette pepper butter Sichuan pepper butter Porcini mushrooms butter Indian butter Mexican butter Recipes are tailor made and ready to use. Each portion is a 8 branches meringue of 5 to 10 grams maximum. For more information, contact us.


CAP Solutions Culinaires is expanding its vegan sauce range to include 3 new recipes: Bearnaise, Tartar and cocktail sauce. These products are without artificial colouring or preservatives and always allergen-free, with an equivalent quality to conventional products. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


A tasty smooth recipe with no products of animal origin and no allergens. The challenge was the replacement for egg yolk and elimination of allergens by substituting mustard powder. The target market is professional catering, sandwiches, vegan burgers, snacks, dips etc. The shelf life is 120 days from fresh Products benefits: – A customised recipe according to the buyer ‘s specifications – Absence of allergens – Variations From this recipe are possible to produce items such as cocktail sauces, tartare sauce etc.