CAP Solutions Culinaires develops tailor-made recipes

Development for a partnership-based approach to recipe creation.

  • An Applied Research team that includes three Chefs
  • A R&D lab dedicated to product development
  • A semi-industrial pilot workshop
  • An in-house panel of trained tasters
Discover our tailor-made support


Our unique, tailor-made solutions

Our committed, passionate, professional team of chefs will be with you every step of the way throughout the development process.

Tailor-made sauce

A sauce that reflects your image developed by our master chefs in full compliance with your specifications


Butters and seasonings

To accompany your meat, fish or vegetables


Bards and retextured products

Unique decorative coatings


Mixes of ingredients

Functional and aromatic blends


Are you involved in the commercial catering sector ? Then let’s work together to create your tailor-made recipe !

Our chefs will be delighted to discuss your requirements and wishes with you.

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Are you an industrial producer ?

Then let’s work together to create recipes that meet your requirements and objectives.

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The product of the moment

Cheese sauce

Are you looking for a ready-to-use sauce that can accompany tacos, burgers, French fries or pasta ?

We are the developers of a range of tailor-made cheese sauces that meet consumers’ expectations (cheese with PDO, PGI, etc):

  • Cheddar sauce
  • Emmental sauce
  • Raclette sauce
  • Roquefort sauce

Focus on

A pastry cream with a smooth, rich texture

Test our tailor-made pastry cream that is ready to garnish your millefeuille, Saint-Honoré, pastry, tart, cream puff or bun, etc.

A multipurpose, customisable base for mousseline, chiboust, frangipane, diplomat cream, tropézienne.


Focus on

Vegan sauce

To respond to new dietary practices:

  • Vegan tartar sauce
  • Vegan béchamel sauce
  • Vegan mayonnaise sauce
  • Vegan Bolognese sauce

Key figures

Cap Solutions Culinaires

Located in the department of Morbihan in Brittany since 1976, CAP SOLUTIONS CULINAIRES has great experience in the field of culinary solutions and coatings and decoration.


years of expertise

unique know-how



Totally committed to their jobs

1 recipe

= 1 customer

Tailor-made creation

20 %

turnover on the export market

International expertise

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