sauce sur mesure pour plat cuisiné

Your project: a question of taste … and more besides!

Whether they come from the meat, seafood, vegetable processing, baking/viennoiserie/pastry-making or oven-ready preparations industries or other areas of the processed foodstuffs sector, our customers entrust us with the development and production of their fresh or frozen sauces.

And you, too, can call on our expertise! Our teams would be delighted to discuss and analyse your needs and give you the support you are looking for. Together, we will create a tailor-made culinary solution that meets your requirements in terms of taste, appearance, list of ingredients, technical considerations or even packaging.

Being exacting on your behalf:


With more than 500 active ingredients at their disposal, our chefs know how to seduce the taste buds of lovers of traditional cuisine and those of exotic food enthusiasts alike. Let them transform your inspirations into delicious recipes !


The visual impact is an important part of the culinary experience! Colour, visual particulates, gloss: we will develop your product according to your criteria and the image you want to give it! Appearance plays an important role. Certain conventions make it immediately clear what is on the plate. This is particularly true for the great classics of gastronomy. Yet other modes of presentation modulate the perception of originality or evoke an exotic feel, for example in the case of modern cuisine inspired by flavours from around the world. To help you optimise the presentation of your retail products, we offer you blocks in various shapes and sizes. This is a way of meeting your essential needs while also giving you a distinctive visual image!

List of ingredients

You have particular specifications: essential requirement for a specific ingredient or an ingredient of designated origin (protected designation of origin, protected geographical indication), allergens, respect for special dietary needs (for example, vegan or gluten-free), nutrition rating, or reduced additive use or even “Clean Label”, … Just tell us your requirements and we will formulate your recipe to meet them.

assaisonnement wok en galet surgele dans wok CAP Solutions Culinaires

Technical considerations

We will adapt the viscosity, the hot and cold texture or the quantity and size of any visual particulates in the light of your production, storage or reincorporation constraints.
We can offer liquid sauces that can be dispensed metered or pumped as well as easy-to-handle IQF frozen solutions such as pelletsportions or blocks of sauces or seasonings.
Finally, we possess long-standing expertise of sliceable rolls with a heat-resistant texture that can be used in your slicing equipment.


From stick-type sachets, through pouches, buckets or even rolls and on to one-tonne containers, choose the packaging that is most suitable for your process and application.


Whether for a sauce, a preparation, a butter or a seasoning, your product is designed in the light of the final application and the way the consumer will prepare it. You can rely on our expertise and experience in the world of tailor-made solutions!

These ready-to-use solutions help you save time and improve uniformity for results that are always irreproachable!

Get in touch with us straight away to discuss your project.