bardes retexturées Volailledécor application sur brochettes CAP solutions culinaires


  • Lardecor: retextured pork fat, thermostable.
  • Volailledecor: retextured poultry fat, thermostable.
  • Lardecor vegetal: retextured vegetable fat, thermostable.
  • Retextured product available in sheets of thickness 2.5 to 5 mm.

Acknowledged expertise from CAP Solutions Culinaires.

You decide on the application

  • For all meats: pork, poultry, beef, lamb, etc.
  • For a wide range of applications: kebabs, tournedos, roasts, paupiettes, pates.


  • Stable price
  • Bacteriologically safe
  • Long shelf life
  • Large choice of possible formats
  • Uniform colour and texture


  • Carton 15 to 20 kg
  • Plastic box 15 to 20 kg


  • In fresh: 13 to 16 days at 0 +4°C
  • In frozen: 12 months at -18°C

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