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We find the inspiration

  • Herb seasonings (butter Maître d’Hôtel, with fines herbes, tarragon, basil, etc.)
  • Exotic seasonings (Indian, Mexican, Moroccan, Spanish, etc.)
  • Citrus fruit seasonings (with yuzu, lime, orange, etc.)
  • Pepper seasonings (Szechuan, Kampot, Madagascar, etc.)
  • Festive seasonings (with truffles, saffron, porcini mushrooms, etc.)
  • Trend products: BBQ, pesto, chorizo, grilled onion, etc.


You decide on the application

  • Frozen skillet meals (fish, meat, vegetables, and other mixes based on vegetables, noodles, seafood products, etc.)
  • Seasoning of meats, pasta, fish, vegetables.


  • Constant weight
  • Easy portioning
  • Well preserved pieces (vegetables, meats)


  • Frozen

Design your tailor-made butter in the company of our culinary teams.


Picto Portion surgelée IQF
Discover our tailor-made support

Discover our tailor-made support

Our teams are available to work with you in strict confidence to develop products that meet your needs.

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