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Your satisfaction

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The entire CAP Solutions Culinaires team is available to help you with confidentiality during your development process to determine the products that best meet your needs:

Customization through a made-to-measure offering (recipes, packaging…)

Reactivity and business agility through professional teams who deliver a swift response to your needs.

Culinary and technical expertise (innovations, know-how, accompaniment…) developed by a team of Chefs and scientific and technical experts.

Numerous manufacturing and packaging processes.

The chef lab

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Our R&D team is available to work with confidentiality to develop the products that meet your needs.

Our Chefs use only the finest quality ingredients and are committed to a clean label statement for the developed products. We select premium materials that allow you claiming on quality ingredients or origins on your finished products ( truffles, IGP emmental, Szechuan pepper…)

We run monthly creativity sessions in order to be proactive on our markets.