Our inspirations

  • Asian sauces: sweet-and-sour, pad thai, satay, Teriyaki, soy and sesame, gochujang
  • Indian sauces: curry, tikka, korma
  • Mexican sauces: salsa, chili
  • Tagine, Creole, Cajun sauces
  • American sauces
  • Mediterranean sauces


Some sauces can also be supplied in a vegan version.

Choose the sauce that is right for your dish.

Our products are ready-to-use and available in various packaging options for quick and easy application.


Picto Liquide
Picto Galet surgelé IQF
Picto Portion surgelée IQF
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sauce au poivre sur mesure CAP Solutions Culinaires

Discover our tailor-made support

Our teams are available to work with you in strict confidence and develop products that meet your needs.

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