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CAP Solutions Culinaires, tailor-made recipe specialist, produces cheese sauces. These sauces are the result of a rigorous selection of raw materials to obtain sauces of high quality taste.

Our team declines for your greatest pleasure a range of personalized and ready-to-use cheese sauces. Ideal for your tacos, burger, with French fries or pasta.

This offer corresponds perfectly to the expectations of the sandwich market with cheese sauce recipes made in France.

With no added salt, they meet the expectations and requirements of today’s snacking offer.

A smooth and creamy texture that adapts to all types of applications with ingredients carefully selected from quality products, respectful of the environment and nutritional balance, meeting the Clean label certification.

Our recipes are meant to be gourmet, comforting, even regressive.

Our cheese sauces inspirations :

  • Cheddar sauce, this mature cheese will go perfectly with tortillas or nachos
  • Emmental sauce, with a real cheese taste and a smooth, melting texture
  • Raclette sauce, for the taste of traditional raclette in your dishes
  • Roquefort sauce, this cheese with character will enhance meat, fish and vegetables

In the same way, our tailor-made cheese sauces have certain advantages. They offer cost and stock control, reinforced bacteriological safety and a regular product.

Our sauces are available in 1 kg Doypack, or in smaller sachet (from 500 gr to 100 gr) according to your needs.
They have a Shelf Life of 100 days up to 180 days between 0 and +4°C and from 3 to 5 days after opening, according to recipe.
The sauce can also be kept in the freezer at -18°C with a Shelf Life of 18 months.

Cheese sauces with a variety of flavors are developed by our Chefs in accordance with your specifications.