Our inspirations

  • Emulsions: mayonnaise, aioli, ranch
  • BBQ sauce, BBQ Whisky sauce, Ketchup
  • Cheese sauces: Cheddar, Emmental, Gruyère, Roquefort, Cantal
  • Sweet-and-sour sauce
  • Tomato chutney, onion chutney
  • Old-style mustard sauce,
  • Cucumber, garlic & fines herbes sauce, cream cheese with herbs
  • Grilled vegetable sauce
  • Festive sauces: creamed Parmesan sauce with Tuber brumale truffle (1%), with foie gras
  • Pesto and tapenade: green, red pesto, pepper or olive tapenade

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Discover our tailor-made support

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