CAP Solutions Culinaires develops tailor-made recipe of ethnic sauces. Theses sauces are ready-to-use for a successful and unique flavor to your dish: wok, poke bowl, marinated meat and fish. The texture is adaptable to your needs, raw materials are carefully selected for great quality taste.






Our suggestions of ethnic sauces :

  • Asiatic sauce, ginger, soy, rice vinegar, flavors reminiscent of the taste of Asia
  • American sauce, tasty mix of tomatoes in different textures, shellfish, onions and white wine
  • Mediterranean sauce, garlic, olive oil, oregano blend with the delicate flesh of tomatoes or the silky cream of cottage cheese
  • Hawaiian sauce, the sweetness of tangy pineapple for a surprisingly sweet and salty combination
  • Pad Thaï sauce, the dominant spice, softened by a touch of white sugar and soy 
  • Teriyaki sauce, mainly composed of a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and very sweet sake
  • Soja sesame sauce, a delicious and richly flavored exotic sauce combining soy and sesame
  • Poutine sauce, chicken or beef broth, shallots and cumin will season your fries for a unique taste
  • Sweet and sour sauce, the famous sauce combining acidity and sweetness  
  • Mexican sauce, a spicy and sweet-salty sauce that will spice up your dishes and marinades

Benefits are large: constant colour, texture and taste, better cost control and improved bacteriological safety.

Our products are chilled and the shelflife is from 100 to 180 days and 3 to 5 days after opening at 0 +4°C according to recipe.

Sauces can also be developped in frozen at -18°C during 18 months.

Packaging is available in squeeze, flat sachet, doypack or bag from 5 to 10kg.

An infinite panel of ethnic sauces with exotic flavors and personalized according to your needs, created by our experts who will sublimate your dishes and culinary preparations.