CAP Solutions Culinaires creates personalized and ready-to-use burger sauces: the final and inimitable touch to your burgers.

What about changing the sauce?

The burger sauce must be in accordance with the sandwich to form a perfect balance between greediness and lightness. The easiest way for a restaurant owner is to use a standard sauce. Customizing the sauce allows you to stand out and offer an unique experience to your customers.

How to offer a different burger?

In 2019, in France, more than 25 burgers are eaten per person in restaurants. This represents more than 1.7 billion burgers eaten per year (source: Gira Conseil study). This trend for burgers leads 8 restaurants out of 10 to offer a burger on their menu.

These burgers come in a multitude of possible combinations between the different breads (sesame, plain, brioche…), the different steaks (beef steak, veal, chicken, fish and even vegetable), and the different components that can be added (egg, tomato, lettuce, pickle, cheddar…).

Give your dishes personality! Propose a burger with your signature sauce!

Offering a burger on your menu is within the reach of all restaurant owners, but offering your own burger with an identity specific to your brand adds an additional difficulty.

How to keep the burger codes, while adding a differentiating note that will please your customers?

Traditional or fancy, each burger has its own unique and authentic sauce! Trust our teams to create the sauce that will match your burger.

As a specialist in tailor-made sauces and toppings, CAP Culinary Solutions invites you to discover its gourmet burger sauce recipes.

Customization is our speciality, let’s combine our know-how to develop together the final, inimitable touch to your recipes (taste, texture and ingredients).

Our R&D team is at your disposal to develop, in complete confidentiality, tailor-made products that respond to your demands.