CAP Solutions culinaires’ “Clean Label” initiative: a determined commitment to meet your and your customers’ changing expectations.

Launched a few years ago, the Clean Label initiative clearly indicates CAP Solutions culinaires’ desire to respond to the changing expectations of consumers who are in search of increasingly natural products. Its main aim is to reduce the number of ingredients and eliminate the use of artificial substances without compromising on taste or food safety. That is why our teams of Master Chefs and R&D personnel are doing everything they can to achieve this perfect balance. 


Our “Clean Label” experience: all our expertise placed in the service of your specially conceived culinary creations.

We are committed to working at your side to contribute to the development of your specially conceived culinary creations: savoury and sweet sauces and toppings, preparations and mixtures, flavoured butters and seasonings, marinades, gravies and coatings and decorations.


The Clean Label initiative means moving forwards in step with the market and accompanying the changing face of food consumption as users search for more natural products. It means satisfying customers’ needs in terms of trust, transparency and values.


“Clean Label”: the four main principles that guide our teams’ actions.


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1 – A demanding, innovative approach to quality:

During every stage of production, from selecting the raw materials to preparing, packaging and conserving the product, we choose the best ingredients and adopt innovative practices in order to achieve a single aim: to provide you with high-quality products that respect the natural environment and human well-being.


2 – Natural simplicity in our recipes:

For every culinary preparation, we search for the simplest and most natural combination of ingredients so that consumers are better placed to understand exactly what the product contains. Our culinary solutions are therefore developed without artificial aromas, colourants, preservatives or nanoparticles.

3 – Sustainable ingredients:

We select raw materials that adhere to environmentally responsible practices which respect animal welfare, for example by using eggs laid by free-range chickens.

4 – Balanced, healthy products:

We ensure that our preparations respect the nutritional balance expected by consumers. This means that the levels of salt or sugar are perfectly controlled while sacrificing none of the pleasures of outstanding taste and gourmandise.


CAP solutions culinaires has higher-level IFS certification, BRC grade A.


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